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Relocation Error File Solaris

Basic disk management in solaris

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Why do i get the last following error relocation truncated to fit errors. strerror.c mips-deb-linux-gcc -c -msoft-float -mgp32 -g -O2 -mips3 -G 0 -DGDB_STUB -I. -I./include -I./config/mips3/vr4131 -I./config/mips3 kernel_cfg.c In file.

Could you therefore please send me the output of "ldd /bin/ls" before > upgrading your system? That should give something like that: > > linux-vdso.so.1 (0x00007ffe1013f000) > libselinux.so.1 => /lib/x86_64-linux.

1: /usr/java1.2/jre/bin/sparc/native_threads/java: fatal: relocation error: R_SPARC_WDISP22: file /usr/java1.2/jre/bin/sparc/native_threads/./././lib/sparc/libjvm.so: symbol (unknown): value 0xffbe 4366 does not fit.

Discussion in 'Solaris, Nexenta, OpenIndiana, and napp-it' started by blc. relocation error: file /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/CGI/auto/IO/Tty/Tty.so:.

Required software. Solaris installs often lack C compilers and their related tools. Read this FAQ for information on why using GNU versions for some of these tools is.

Grails Constraints Validator Error Message. way to do this? Two different messages should be returned, http://grails.org /doc/latest/ref/Constraints/validator.html), so put the two tests into one. errors. rejectValue('specimens',"domain.elements.val1.unique.error") Error 3716 Security Settings Mar 18, 2009. I am getting an Internet Explorer Error "Safety Settings on this. Hi, about the domain error its because of the security settings in IE (IE is

runtime linker errors | Unix Linux Forums | Solaris – runtime linker errors Solaris Thread. open failed: No such file or directory ld.so.1: java: fatal: relocation error: file /usr/lib/64/libfontconfig.so:.

Errno Codes by Platform An identifier is defined for platforms that have a numeric value listed (even though there may not be an associated message shown).

Problems Upgrading CSW Packages on Solaris 10. fatal: relocation error: file / opt/csw/apache2/libexec/mod_ssl.so: symbol SSL_CTX_sess_set_new_cb:.

xcompare: fatal relocation error on Solaris 5.8 – The following error message is reported when trying to compare two files with the xcompare tool. Using ClearCase 7.0 on Solaris 5.8 requires Solaris patch 108434-17 or higher which may not be applied.

mounts all file systems except those of type msdos and ext. -O: Used in conjunction with -a, to limit the set of filesystems to which the -a is applied.

Latest build for Solaris fails to start on Solaris 2.6. ld.so.1:./apprunner: fatal: relocation error: file /export/pub/XXX/package/components/libhistory.so: symbol.

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Support for NTFS on Oracle ADVM. NTFS is not supported as a highly available single file system resource for this release.

I installed the latest version of sudo pkg obtained from sunfreeware.com on Solaris 8. fatal: relocation error:. fatal: relocation error: file /apps/local.

Error 3716 Security Settings Mar 18, 2009. I am getting an Internet Explorer Error "Safety Settings on this. Hi, about the domain error its because of the security settings in IE (IE is used. Typecheck Error what is a typecheck error Login/Join : teri_erickson. posted. it says. 'typecheck' means that some operand of a VIPP command has a wrong

late initialization error. start up failure no such file or. This message is produced in releases earlier than Solaris 2. fatal: relocation error: string.

fatal: relocation errors on Solaris x86 and. ecl: fatal: relocation error: R_AMD64_PC32: file /export/home/drkirkby/sage-4.4.2. Solaris 10 SPARC.

Is zlib Y2K-compliant? Yes. zlib doesn’t handle dates. Where can I get a Windows DLL version? The zlib sources can be compiled without change to produce a DLL.

Oracle Solaris 10 doesn't have this symbol, but it does exist on Oracle Solaris 11. It does also exist on SmartOS but is a no-op. Thus, Solaris 11 and SmartOS will.

Working with WebSphere MQ for Solaris Version the following error has. ld: fatal: relocation error: R_SPARC_M44: file jdbcora.o: symbol pXA_switch:.

Name Description; NMONDEBUG. If set, sarmon will output debug information on the console: NMONNOSAFILE: If set, sarmon does not generate the sa file, only the nmon file

This directory contains Solaris builds of the Firefox, which are contributed by SUN Desktop Beijing Team. firefox-bin: fatal: relocation error: file.

Oracle ® Solaris 11.2. relocation error: file. This suppression can also lead to runtime relocation errors. If a relocation error occurs because a.

As the error message states, your installation is missing a file (or a whole package). The following lines will sort it out.

Http Server Error Status 500 That’s when it hit me: in HTTP lingo, the status code 204 means. Edge gave up and reported an error. Firefox continued to look for a valid response. Here’s how the conversation played out in more human terms: Server:.and here’s a sack. Codigo De Error 32768 Windows Xp Grub Error 8 Here’s what I’ve been

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